New York Times Daily 360

360 photography interest growing

Platt 360 is exited to share that The New York Times has launched the Daily 360! The Daily 360 is a daily 360 video of various locations and events. This program will expand the public’s awareness of 360 technology. Platt360 has been utilizing this technology for the last 6 years but not until recently have the prices on cameras become affordable enough for non-professional photographers to justify the purchase. You may have noticed an increase in these types of photos on Facebook and other social media. We are excited that The New York Times is kicking off this program not only to explore the daily 360 photos, but also to generate more interest in Google Street View photographs.

Platt360 has been publishing daily 360 projects for 1 week on Facebook and has noticed an increasing interest in interactive photos. Our Google Street View 360 panoramic photographs have reached over 15,000 views in only 3 weeks. As our portfolio of Google Street View photographs increases, the view count exponentially increases. We have noticed an immediate interest in the business we promote on Google and those interests turn into not only visits but customer conversions as well.

We expect to see more programs like the New York Times Daily 360 in the near future due to the affordable camera technology and the growing Virtual Reality market. The ability of smart phones to give the customer a VR experience will also increase the demand for Platt360 services. Shoot us an email to schedule your Google Trusted Photographer on site visit to boost customer visits and conversions!

Check out this article from Business Wire.


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