Platt360 WBE Pending Approval

Platt 360 has submitted its application for WBE certification! WBE (Women Business Enterprise) certification is reserved for businesses that are women owned and controlled. This certification was created to promote women owned businesses in all sectors including architecture and engineering. WBE certification takes approximately 90 days and involves extensive paperwork to verify and determine the validity of an applicant’s role in the business. The many advantages of obtaining WBE certification extends not only to Platt360, but also to our many clients.

Established 15 years ago, our company has been run and operated by Lisa Platt and managed by Bob Platt for the last 6 years. Lisa’s background in architecture and integral role in Platt360 made it clear that obtaining the WBE certification would be a huge advantage for our growing company. Lisa Platt graduated at the top of her class from Cal Poly Pomona’s school of Architecture with a 5-year accredited degree in Architecture. Her experience at Bassenian Lagoni Architects in California and multiple firms in upstate New York have given her the ability to successfully run the logistics of Platt360.

Platt360’s WBE certification has many advantages. The largest advantage is in the municipal sector of our industry. Clients such as Synthesis Architects (known for excellent school design and remodels) will benefit greatly from our pending WBE approval. Most government projects require 10% of all vendors or contractors to be WBE. With Platt360’s pending certification, we can help Architectural firms obtain those contracts. If you are interested in more information regarding WBE certification, please read this article or check out the NYS M/WBE program.

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