Lasers, Tape Measures, and Bluetooth

From the age of ten to sixteen, I would help my father by holding one side of a very long tape measure. He would hold a clipboard in one hand, tape measure in the other, and always seemed to have a pen in his mouth (probably because his hands were full). He was a real estate appraiser and would take me into the field on weekends and during the summer when I was off school. I learned a lot about measuring and drawing houses; I was even allowed to hold the business end of the tape measure occasionally. When we got back home, he would pay me 25 cents to turn his sketch into a floor plan on graph paper using an architectural scale and door template.

During my first job at an Architectural firm, I found myself again back out in the field measuring and drawing in the same manner I was taught as a boy, wondering if there was a better way. By this time, I was drafting in CAD which sped up the process tremendously, but I still needed another person to hold that tape measure while I had the clipboard in hand and pen in mouth. My first digital measuring device was an ultrasonic tool that worked without a second field surveyor, but was not known for its accuracy.

Six years ago, my measuring world was turned upside down when I was introduced to Laser technology. Not only was I able to eliminate the extra field surveyor whose only job was to hold the other end of a tape measure, I was now able to know with certainty that my measurements were accurate. An amazing feature that was added to this specific laser was the Bluetooth capability. Platt360 can measure and draw faster and more accurately than was ever possible before with this technology. Learn more by visiting our website and whiteboard animation videos.

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